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highest quality temporary tattoos, Easily removed.

Accessories Inkwear

Chains & Jewellery

Detailed necklaces and chains to be joined together however you like.

Bow transfer tatts inkwear

Lace & Bows

Delicate, ornate bands and necklace temporary tattoos using lace and bow designs.

Fun transfer tattoos


A range of popular, esoteric body art which play with skin as a new medium.

Henna fake tattoos Inkwear

Henna & Patterns

Swirling shapes and traditional Henna patterns.

Floral temp tattoos Inkwear


Flowers and plants in bright colour or stark silhouette

temporary tattoos by Inkwear


Combining real images with gorgeous hand drawn designs. Now includes FaceWear, Instant Facepaints!!

Horoscope body art

Crosses, Stars and Anchors

Fake tattoo favourites with the Inkwear twist to look great and appear real.

NailWear Nail Tattoos

Beautiful Inkwear for the nails. Even design your own nail tattoos

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