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Welcome to our Bulk & Wholesale price list for Inkwear temporary tattoos. Inkwear can offer any custom tattoos at any quantities or individual sizes, no MOQ. Custom Inkwear is made and delivered in two ways depending on the quantities and speed required. Both techniques use the most advanced technology to give the best quality transfer tattoos in the world.

We also offer any of our own shop designs at discount prices for shop owners wanting to sell Inkwear temporary tattoos and have just launched a range with Miss Selfridge. Inkwear comes with ornate, high quality ivory coloured packaging (see bottom of page). We use the highest quality transfer tattoos and unique, contemporary designs to offer a product unlike anything else in the world.

Fast Tatts
For 1 to 500 the tattoos are delivered in large A5/A4 sheets containing your personal tattoo designs. All you have to do is cut them out and apply them. The only thing effecting price will be the size of the tattoo. You can have as much variety as you like and they are often created and delivered well within a week. High quality, extremely fast prints but no application instructions on the reverse and not packaged individually – require cutting out from sheet. Ideal for smaller immediate events with multiple designs, prices below.

Factory Tatts
For 500 + here we use a more advanced printing technique. You are restricted to one design per 500 and price is affected by size of the tattoo sheet. This process offers greater economies of scale, the tattoos are cut and ready to apply and you can have any amount you like over 500 in increments of 500. They also come with the option of full packaging (header cards/poly bags), white ink and customisable application instructions printed on the reverse. Ideal for large up-coming events with few designs. Prices are available on request from custom@inkwear.co.uk

Inkwear high quality factory transfer tattoos


1-500 tattoos ‘Fast’ process
Remember that each A4 sheet willl hold roughly 15-25 average sized temporary tattoos. For any other queries and quotes email custom@inkwear.co.uk or call 02075034139.

1 A5 Sheet (approx 6-12 tattoos) £11.99 / $20
1 A4 Sheet (approx 20-30 tattoos) £19.99 / $32
2 x A4 Sheets £32.99 / $53
3 x A4 Sheets £39.99 / $64
4 x A4 Sheets £44.99 / $72
5 x A4 Sheets £55.99 / $90
6 – 9 A4 Sheets £9.99 per sheet

10 sheets + are subject to 20% VAT

10 – 29 A4 Sheets £7.99 per sheet + VAT
30 – 49 A4 Sheets £6.99 per sheet + VAT
50 – 99 A4 Sheets £5.99 per sheet + VAT
100 + A4 Sheets £4.99 per sheet + VAT

All prices include post & packaging.

500 + tattoos ‘Factory’ process
Email us with your design size, number of colours and quantity required. Preferably attach the design (minimum 300 dpi) to the custom@inkwear.co.uk email and let us know about any important dates. All tattoos will have a sheet size of at least 1.5 x 1.5″ and you can expect most orders to take around 10 working days to arrive.

Sell Inkwear
If you are interested in selling Inkwear tattoos then please contact adam@inkwear.co.uk for our wholesale rates. We offer excellent value on beautifully packaged goods.

Inkwear tattoos

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