Temporary tattoos, because fashion isn't permanent...

Custom Inkwear is a great way of getting a temporary tattoo unique to you! They are perfect for parties, testing potential permanent tattoos, supporting your team or promoting a product/event. You can order one individual tattoo, a full A4/A5 sheet or 1,000s. We can print anything* at any size, even photographs. Most orders are fulfilled within a couple of days. You can also call us on 02075034139.

I need a small number of transfer tattoos, FAST!
Simply email us at custom@inkwear.co.uk with your desired tattoo image* (in any format) along with required number of copies and sizes. Just ask for fast quote! Prices start at £4 or it’s £11.99 for an A5 sized sheet and £19.99 for A4, standard postage is free and most orders are shipped within a day!! We don’t draw or create new images so make sure they’re ready-to-print. With this process the tattoos will need carefully cutting out before applying. Full price list as the bottom of this page.

And for larger orders?
For 10 to 10,000 tattoos click here to visit out Bulk & Wholesale page.

TEMPLATES!! Want to personalise an Inkwear design with a name or photo?
Click here to have a name in a heart, your mate’s face as a Stag-do Tat and many many more.

Inkwear template tattoos!!!

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‘Fast’ Tattoo Prices

1-500 tattoos ‘Fast’ process
Charged & Delivered by the sheet

Each A4 sheet can hold 15-25 average sized tatts.

1 A5 Sheet (approx 6-12 tattoos) £11 / $20
1 A4 Sheet (approx 20-30 tattoos) £19 / $32
2 x A4 Sheets £32.99 / $53
3 x A4 Sheets £39.99 / $64
4 x A4 Sheets £44.99 / $72
5 x A4 Sheets £55.99 / $90
6 – 9 A4 Sheets £9.99 per sheet

10 sheets + are subject to 20% VAT

10 – 29 A4 Sheets £7.99 per sheet + VAT
30 – 49 A4 Sheets £6.99 per sheet + VAT
50 – 99 A4 Sheets £5.99 per sheet + VAT
100 + A4 Sheets £4.99 per sheet + VAT

Custom Inkwear can be delivered as individual tattoos or as A5/A4 sheets. Individual tattoo prices are quoted based on size, A5 sheets (20x14cm) cost £11.99, A4 sheets (29x20cm) cost £19.99, prices include VAT and Postage. For larger orders bulk and wholesale customers should look at our Price List. All ‘Fast’ tattoos have to be cut out before they can be applied.

*Inkwear claims no intellectual property rights for the images sent to us by our customers. By emailing images our customers testify that they are the rightful copyright or trademark owner of said images or that they have full permission of the copyight/trademark owner to use said images for reproduction and/or resale or that the images emailed to us are in the public domain or are otherwise free of intellectual property protection.

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