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Inkwear prides itself on it’s creative, eye-catching and detailed designs. We are well on our way to turning skin into a walking art gallery. In order to keep our temporary tattoos as fresh and progressive as possible, Inkwear welcomes submissions from up and coming artists and designers.

If you think your artwork would make for a great temporary tatoo you can submit it to with ‘submit artwork’ as a reference. We can’t pay for artwork but we can offer the following in return for your designs;

1) The piece and it’s artist will be named on the shop page at the point of sale so customers know exaclty who the artist is.
2) A direct weblink to your personal site so Inkwear customers can go straight to your page and potentially commission work.
3) We will send you free copies of any successful designs as completed fake tattoos.
4) We will protect all images and copyrights, you’ll retain full ownership and simply give permission for Inkwear to sell the designs as transfer tattoos.
5) You’ll get the opportunity for your designs to be worn, seen and discussed by thousands of people.
6) We’re happy to help extend and improve your portfolio and provide references.

So if you’re a professional artist or a part-time scribbler this is a great opportunity to get your work seen and talked about. It’s also a great way of getting a load of free transfer tattoos for you and your friends.

The brief

We accept any type of design but are especially interested in Vintage Sailor, burlesque, floral and ornate designs. You can also re-design any of our current tattoos. Consider sizings (8x5cm is a good general tatt size) and where they’d ideally be placed on the body.Remember we’ll consider almost anything but whites do not print (they appear transparent) and the work must be original and your own. By far the most popular temp tattoos are the ones which play on skin as a new medium (see the burning candle or ‘lacelts’) so bear this in mind and have fun creating.

If this interests you then email your designs to the address above, be sure to include any proof of ownership, weblinks and a brief description of the work.

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