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Highest Quality Temporary Tattoos, Easily Removed

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Inkwear Tattoo Templates


Templates are a quick and easy way of personalising an event in a unique way. Follow the steps to place an order:

  • * Email custom@inkwear.co.uk or via the contact form below.
  • * Include the template reference and let us know the replacement wording.
  • * For templates that require a photo please attach (clear) photo image.
  • * Tell us how many copies you’d like, £7 for 1 + £1 per extra unless otherwise stated
  • * For larger orders we offer much discounted prices, just drop us an email and we’ll get straight back to you!

Love heart fake tattoos

“Love Heart”  6x5cm

Prove that you love someone deeply for 1-3 days.

 “Buy me a Drink” 5x5cm

Keep track of any stray Hens with this wrist sized tattoo. 20 for £15

“Stag Head” 6x7cm

STAG STAG STAG!! Better than a t-shirt.


“Twin Hearts” 6x6cm

Wedding planned? Or just want to show the love with this clean, contemporary design?

“Bride Tribe” 5x5cm

Hen Party next weekend? Ditch the Learner plate and wings and get your tats out. Let us know name and date.
20 for £15

Vintage Heart tattoo

“Vintage Heart” 6x6cm

A beautiful classic heart with vintage flowers.

heart fake tattoos

“Classic Hearts” 7x7cm

Keep the romance alive for a few more days.

Stag tattoos






“Muscle Stag!” 6x7cm 

Game over for the big man? Not yet… celebrate in style with his mug on an Inkwear body.

“Woah!” 5x4cm

Tell it how it is on your Hen/Wedding day. Wrist size. £7 for 1 or 20 for £15

I heart NY

“I Heart”  6x6cm

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highest quality temporary tattoos, Easily removed

E: custom@inkwear.co.uk T: 020 384 28077

Highest quality temporary tattoos,
Easily removed

Spend £20 & save 20%* | Coupon: INKWEAR20

*Applies to shop tattoos only, excludes custom tattoos

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