Bespoke Pet temporary tattoo, 3 copies with de-shine gel


The perfect surprise gift. Send us an image of any pet and we’ll create these bespoke fake tattoos. You’ll get 2x large and 1xmedium size. Applies with water in 30 seconds, lasts 1-3 days, easy to remove. This is a very friendly and personal process, we’re always quick to respond to any queries or requests.

* Choose from the 5 styles and Checkout
* Email the choice and your pictures or send them in seller notes
* Fast Shipping
* Full instructions and details below

• Send us 1-3 good face-on images of the Pet. We’ll select the most suitable photo and get to work. Email

• We’ll ship them out within 5 working days (usually it’s the next day).

• You’ll get 3 tattoos on a sheet and de-shine gel to apply on top to make them look real.

Inkwear is the UK’s no. 1 temporary tattoo producer.
Skin-safe, CE approved, non toxic suitable for ages 5+, not suitable for very sensitive skin. Last 1-3 days, remove quickly with soap and water, makeup remover and or baby oil.

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