Very Realistic Fake Bruise & Scratch collection, used in Hollywood and Theatre


A collection of super realistic bruises and scratches. Bruises vary in size 1 – 2.5″. Different sizes and colours to give a deeper/more painful effect. A5 sheet full, you can always cut re-size and re-shape. Perfect for TV and Film effects.

Easy to apply, just add water
Look real and last from 1 to 5 days

We ship within one working day within the UK.
Immediate shipping from UK, usually 4 working days to USA
Highest quality transfer tattoos
Suitable for ages 3+
Skin safe, non toxic, not suitable for sensitive skin.

Inkwear temporary tattoos provide a new and high quality temporary tattoo service that creates stylish, realistic, detailed designs with FAST delivery. We can also create any design/logo/photo into a temporary tattoo. We are the UK’s no.1 temporary tattoo producer.

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